What we do

Financial Planning & Guidance

Financial planning is about so much more than knowing if you're on track for retirement. It's a way to think about money strategically, whatever situation you're in. We all want money to do something for us - provide for basic needs, reduce the weight of debt, allow for a comfortable retirement, give our children more opportunity, etc... Regardless of what you want money to do for you, having a well-designed plan can help maximize the possibilities. And when life presents new challenges or opportunities, having a financial professional by your side can help you evaluate, adapt and move forward.

Investment Management

Mutual funds or ETFs? Passive or active? Growth or Value? Equity or Fixed Income? Real Estate? Gold? The number of ways to invest your money are infinite and can quickly become overwhelming. What's more, it takes discipline to stick with an investment strategy through turbulent times. In the long run, poor investment decisions can make all the difference between achieving all your financial goals and a lifetime of financial stress and anxiety. If you lack the knowledge, interest, or discipline to manage investments on your own, let Voyageur help. We use cost-effective investments and evidence-based principles when building and managing a portfolio that is suited to your objectives and risk tolerance.

The initial planning engagement

  The initial planning engagement allows for up to 3 months to develop and execute a financial plan.  The process generally goes as follows:

1. Learn

At the start of each new relationship, we take the necessary time to learn about our clients - what their current situation is, how they think about money, what they are hoping to accomplish, and so on.  This serves as the foundation of our relationship and is instrumental in making appropriate recommendations.

2. Plan & Review

After getting a full understanding of your current situation, we go to work on building a plan and putting together our recommendations. At this stage, much of the work is behind the scenes as we perform research and analysis. Once complete, we will schedule a meeting to review our recommendations together and make any necessary adjustments.

3. Implement

A good plan without follow-through is useless. Once we've had a chance to review the strategy together and agreed on next steps, we will assist you in the execution of the plan. This could range from rebalancing your 401k or opening new accounts, to obtaining life insurance or getting in contact with an estate planning attorney.

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Ongoing Services

Investing and planning are not one-time events.  Throughout life, new financial decisions, investment opportunities and other challenges will inevitably arise.  We provide ongoing financial planning, guidance and investment management services for a simple flat quarterly fee, so you can rest assured knowing that a professional is watching over your money and is ready to provide support and guidance for whatever financial situations life throws your way. 


We offer our services on a highly transparent, flat-fee basis.

Initial Planning Engagement

Our initial planning engagement starts at $3,000 for individuals and $4,500 for couples.  Payments are made in three equal installments.

Ongoing Services

Ongoing services are billed on a quarterly basis and start at $900 per quarter, increasing based on complexity and assets under management.


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Business Services

In today’s competitive labor environment, not having a retirement plan available to your employees leaves you one step behind the competition. 

Whatever your staffing, budget, or financial acumen, there is a retirement plan that is right for you.  Rely on Voyageur Capital Advisors to help you identify, design and service a retirement plan that best suits your needs and the needs of your employees.  

Our hands-on, employee-oriented approach allows you to be hands-off so that you can remain focused on running your business.